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Chimney Maintenance Helps to Avoid Major Problems

There is nothing more comforting than sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold winter night. Fireplaces have been popular for hundreds of years. Not only are they beneficial for warming the home, but they create an ambiance that is thoroughly enjoyed by people world-wide. Keeping the fireplace in good condition is extremely important to prevent fires and ensure that it is working properly.

Why Chimneys Need Cleaning

When fires burn in the fireplace, creosote will build up in the chimney. Creosote contains tar and is what is left when wood is burned in the fireplace. At first it contains a lot of soot and is more easily removed from the chimney. However, if the incoming air is not flowing correctly, creosote becomes worse.

It can get so bad that it looks tar on the inside of the chimney. This generally is caused by using wood that has not been seasoned or it can happen in homes that cannot draw the combustion air that is needed. It can also occur in chimneys that are not insulated. The creosote is highly combustible and can catch fire in the chimney over and over. As it continues to do this, the creosote becomes harder to remove.

Another problem with chimneys that are not properly cleaned is smoke. It can enter the home causing major breathing problems. If the chimney cap becomes corroded due to soot, leaves and other debris can enter the home through the chimney. A buildup of debris can block vents. This can also result in a chimney fire.

Avoid Problems by Cleaning the Chimney

Once a fire starts in the chimney, it is not always visible. Often it can burn slowly and as it continues to burn and get hotter, it can ignite other areas of the home such as the walls and roof. Cleaning is essential to prevent this from happen. One example of a chimney sweep maryland is 301 Chimney.

Cleaning the chimney on a regular basis removes the creosote before it gets a chance to build up and become harder to remove. Depending on how much the fireplace will be used, a general recommendation for cleaning is once a year. This should be performed before using the fireplace.

A fireplace can be enjoyed safely by following a few simple steps to avoid problems. When the cold winter winds are blowing, a warm fire is certainly welcome.

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