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Furnishing Your First Apartment In Mesa, AZ

You just graduated from college and are getting ready to start your new career in Mesa, AZ. The problem is that this is your first job and that means you do not have a lot of money right now. Part of the fun of starting out in life is getting the bare essentials and watching your world grow from there. There are plenty of great places you can get those bare essentials for very reasonable prices.

Your First Bed

You really cannot afford a bed, but you do not want to sleep on the floor or buy something used. There are many mattress stores in Mesa AZ that offer low-priced mattresses that will work just fine on the floor of your first bedroom. You might even be able to talk one of those mattress stores out of an inexpensive, or possibly free, box spring to give you just a little more comfort.


There are two great sources you can use for inexpensive furniture for your first apartment; yard sales, and thrift stores. You want to avoid trying to get lucking finding something on the curb on garbage day because there is a reason those things are put out in the garbage. Yard sales and thrift stores offer relatively clean furniture for extremely low prices that will look good in all of the rooms of your first place.


When you are just starting out in your adult life, you have to be careful how you spend money on clothes. Your priority for spending money on clothes starts with work clothes and probably stays with work clothes for a while. The dollar stores and discount department stores sell non-work clothes that will do the job just fine until you start making regular money and can build a wardrobe.

Starting out your adult life in Mesa, AZ is fun and exciting. The key to success is to learn how to buy the things you need without spending a lot of money, but still getting decent quality items.

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