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How To Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Most people know that they should be concerned about the air quality outdoors, especially if there have been wildfires or if they live near a transit hub. However, for most people, the majority of the air that you will breathe will actually be indoors. And, contrary to what you might think, your indoor air quality may be lower than the quality outdoors. This is especially true if you have recently moved into a new home since things like paint and varnish as well as new furniture can all be dangerous to your health. Luckily, there are things that you can do today to improve the quality of your air indoors.

First, make sure that your heating, cooling, and air filtration systems are all in good shape and functioning as intended. Clean your filters regularly to prevent the build-up of toxins and other debris. If you need help, call a local pro who can advise you on issues of HVAC air filter housing such as Green Leaf Filters. Don’t put off taking care of home repairs that can affect your indoor air quality and your health.

Next, think about adding plants to improve the quality of your indoor air. There is a famous study that was done by NASA to test the ability of indoor plants to clean out the air around them of common toxins. Many of the plants did an amazing job of removing dangerous chemicals from the air around them as they grew. Choose an aloe plant for a sunny window or a sansevieria for a shady spot. Talk to an expert at your local garden center to find plants that will work well with the light and space that you have in your rooms.

Finally, think about getting rid of things that are bad for your indoor air quality. Choose low VOC paints and varnishes if you need to use them and make repairs outdoors where the smell and chemicals won’t linger. Avoid bringing new furniture into your home until it has a chance to off-gas completely.

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