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How to Save On AC Costs In the Heat of Summer

Lowering your energy consumption and AC costs in the middle of a hot summer can be a chore. It is possible to do this and still stay cool. Below are a few ways you can bring the costs down and have a cool and comfortable summer.

Turn the Temperature Up

Keeping your thermostat set at a temperature that is comfortable, rather than turning down to feel cold will save a tremendous amount of money. Most find that a temperature of around 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit one that everyone can live with. Step outside in the heat if you need a reminder of just how hot it could be without the AC running at all.

Use Fans

Getting the air circulating is often all it takes to feel instantly cooler. Keep fans going in rooms of the home that are heavily used. They are incredibly energy efficient and will help circulate the cooled air from the AC system.

Avoid Heat Creating Appliance Use During the Day

The middle of hot summer afternoon is probably not the ideal time to bake cookies or dry the clothes. These chores should be done in the cool air of the morning or evening to keep from overheating the entire house. You are forcing your AC system to work double-time at reducing the steadily increasing heat.

Wear Thinner, Light-Colored Clothing

Dump all of the heavy, dark-colored gear of cooler months and wear fabrics that are light, airy, and comfortable. You will feel instantly cooler for the efforts. Dump the jeans for cotton shorts and tee-shirts. Choose bright, spring colors over black, blue and gray. A good breezy pair of sandals will also help you feel cool as a cucumber.

Turn the Temperature Up a Few Degrees and Head to the Pool

If there are no pets in the house, shut the AC off and give it a break. If you have dogs or cats, turn it up a few extra degrees and head out for an afternoon at the pool. There are some days that are so hot all you can do is get in the water and survive the experience.

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