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If You Think You Can Get By Without Buying Auto Insurance – Think Again

Yes, it’s the law. You need an insurance policy to drive your car. However, you may be thinking, what’s the worst thing that can happen if I don’t have a policy? If you’re a safe driver, you may think you won’t get into an accident. Your car isn’t worth much. Because you have few assets, you are practically lawsuit proof if the other driver tries to sue you. There are, however, a few things that can happen to you even without getting into an accident.

Your registration can be canceled

Without insurance the Department of Motor Vehicles will cancel your registration. You may wonder how they know that you don’t have a policy, but this is simply a case of the communication with insurance companies. Your insurance provider may notify the DMV that your policy has been canceled, but more importantly, there will be no new insurance company providing information that you have a new insurance provider. Without a record of insurance, you registration will be canceled.

You cannot buy a new policy without a registered car

This means that you will have to have your car registration reinstated, and the DMV will not do this without a fine being paid. Their current fine can be found at their website, but to a working person, it is certainly a pain in the wallet.

If you are pulled over, you can be ticketed

If you are pulled over, your car will be found to not have current registration nor insurance, and this may result in two separate tickets with two separate fines. In addition, your car may be towed, so you will have to pay towing fees. Of course, you will need to violate a traffic law to get pulled over, but once your registration sticker on your license plate has expired, this alone will be enough for a police officer to pull you over.

The cost of not having auto insurance can be quite high, but the price of a good insurance policy is not as expensive as you may think. You can get cheap california car insurance quotes online, and you can also get a policy immediately. Proof of insurance can be emailed to you, so you have what you need to start driving legally. In addition to this, many insurance companies allow for a policy to be paid for with several installment payments.

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