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Useful Home Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting

It is possible to add warmth, beauty, security and magic to your outdoor area by making use of cost-effective landscape lighting. With the amazing array of lighting options available in the market today, it is easy to make this positive transformation to your outdoor area. First you have to do enough research in order to identify the ideal lighting fixture for your outdoor space.

You can make your work a little easier by considering a few simple home tips which will help you transform your outdoor area into a more inviting living space.

Take Stock of Your Outdoor Space

First look around and determine how much space you have and which area you want to work on first. Pay attention to the areas that you want to look inviting and secure.

Consider Types Available

Deciding on the type of landscape lights that will be ideal for your outdoor space is very important. There are usually four major types of landscaping lighting to select from and they are; accent, inground, deck and pathway.

If you happen to have a swimming pool or any other water feature within your property, then you will have more options when it comes to submersible pond lighting.

The Design of Your Home

Naturally you will want the type of landscape lighting that you choose to blend perfectly with the design of your home. The design of your home will therefore be a great influence in your choice of the available lighting options.

You don’t want a lighting fixture sticking out like a sore thumb in your outdoor area because it is totally wrong. Consider lighting fixtures like LED wall pack which often go with most home designs.

Wet or Damp UL Rating?

It is only wise to choose outdoor light fixtures that can’t be affected by humidity and moisture and reading the UL rating is the only way to ensure that is so.  If your home is located in a humid or moist location with no direct exposure to snow, rain or any other liquids then a fixture with UL Damp rating is advisable.

On the other hand if your home is located in such areas and your fixtures will have direct contact with snow, rain, or any form of water then a UL wet wetting is the best choice. Wet –rated lighting fixture is also perfected for homes with pergolas, uncovered gazebos, porches and walkways.

Consider Low Voltage Lighting Options

If you want to boost security around your home for a long time without having to replace your lighting fixtures, then consider low voltage lighting options. This kind of lighting is known to last longer compared to the traditional line voltage common with most landscape lighting.

Do the Installation

You can do it yourself if your lighting project is small and simple. However, if it is anything but simple, never hesitate to look for an expert installer with all the documentation to do it for you.

Look for the best quality fixtures and other complimentary pieces to help improve your outdoor décor.

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