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Ways to Track Down a Roof Leak

The signs of a roof leak are typically more obvious than where the water is coming from. It can stem from areas of wear-and-tear on the roof, or from unnoticed damage. Below are four ways you can try to track down the leak and begin the process of roof repair Frisco TX.

Look for Missing Shingles and Flashing

The roofing materials that cover the top of your home have everything to do with keeping moisture on the outside. Areas that are missing shingles or have torn and missing flashing are subject to the elements. It is an area of vulnerability that allows for the development of roofing leaks.

Look for Tree Limbs and Debris On Roof

Falling tree branches and other storm-tossed debris can punch holes through the roof. Although the holes might be small, any breach is big enough to allow water into your home. Do a complete visual inspection after any major thunderstorm or wind storm.

Check Attic Space When It Is Raining

Rainy days are the best when it comes to trying to track down a mysterious roof leak. Climb up into your attic space and look for areas that are dripping wet. Do not assume that the leak is right above the obvious wet area. Follow the trail of water to find the actual source. It could be running along the length of a roofing beam.

Hire a Roofer to Find the Problem

Roofers are the best at providing leak detection services due to their experience and skill. Knowing the signs to look for with roof damage and wear is half the battle. Hire an expert if you feel less than confident about finding the source of the leak on your own.

Maintaining the integrity of your roof means having a quality repair done now and again. Repairing leaks is one way to extend the life of your roof and protect your home from water damage.

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