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Why Throw Money Out the Window for a Bathtub or Tile Remodel?

The bathroom is one of the most used areas of any home. When the fixtures get old and increasingly worn, the first thoughts of homeowners are to get a remodel. If your tub and tile are porcelain, there is a more affordable way to have a new, blemish-free look.

Save Thousands of Dollars By Getting Porcelain Surfaces Refinished

A complete bathroom remodel can cost thousands of dollars, but many people are willing to pay the price to get rid of ugly bathtubs and tiles that look as if they have been through a war. If the surfaces are porcelain, there is another option to breaking the bank that will give you a fresh new look.

Porcelain Refinishing Works on the Worst Looking Tubs

No matter how scarred and banged up your porcelain tub looks, refinishing works to bring it back to original beauty. Finding experts in bathtub refinishing Baltimore Maryland like Porcelite is the key to a perfect end-result. You will feel great about your bathroom once again.

Change or Perfectly Match Colors

The refinished surface of porcelain can be done in almost any color. You can go for a completely new look and color, or you can have the color custom matched to your intended finished decor. You have complete freedom to pick the color you have always wanted.

Give a New Look to Original Bathtubs

Purchasing and installing a new tub can end up a costly project. Many contemporary materials do not have the lasting power of traditional porcelain. Having the surface refinished helps preserve the original quality of your home, but breathes new life into the fixture. Add a new faucet and shower head and it gives the impression you spent thousands on a total remodel.

Salvage Your Older Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain floor and wall tiles can also undergo the same refinishing process. As long as the tiles are not cracked, the surface refinishing will make each tile look like new. It is a way to eliminate the amount of time and expense it would take to completely replace the tiles.

Porcelain is a material used for bathrooms that never goes completely out of style. Add new life to your existing surfaces by refinishing the porcelain surface in the color of your choice.

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